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Search Engine Optimization And Search Engine Marketing Comparision

Search Engine Optimization

The basis behind search engine optimization is creating a website that is easily used by site visitors by providing value and is also easily indexed by the internet spiders. When all of these requirements have been fulfilled, optimization will be accomplished because these exact qualities are known to improve traffic. Pages that are found to provide good information and are easy to use get more repeat visitors, many of whom share such information with others. Along with other ways to increase publicity and traffic such as using social media, all of these factors combine to produce better optimization and better search engine results ranking. From there, things are cyclical; better optimization means more traffic, more back links, and more recognition in general; it all becomes a productive cycle that ultimately leads to better branding and sales.

Search Engine Marketing

On the other hand, search engine marketing is more well-known as a marketing technique as opposed to SEO, which it is definitely not. SEO is involves the creation of a website in a certain way to enhance optimization efforts. Marketing is essentially advertising and promotion with ads that are seen on search results and other web pages. Text ads like AdSense and other paid advertising like PPC or Pay Per Click as well as banner ads placed on pages that include similar information as the topic of that website – these are all SEM.

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